Spine patient for whom we saved money without compromising on the clinical outcomes.

This patient is a 65 year old male suffering from severe back and leg pain.  Patient’s medical reports and images were sent to our company.  We floated the reports to around 10 hospitals asking for the line of treatment required, length of stay, estimated stay in the hospital and estimate of cost for the treatment. Various hospitals reverted with various estimates. One of the key hospitals was selected since it had quoted USD 5500.

The patient and his family were counseled and agreed to come to the hospital (a very reputed name) for treatment.  All the visa formalities were complied with and the patient arrived in India for treatment.

Patient was admitted on arrival and was made to undergo evaluation (lab tests and MRI of the spine), which is a routine step. Based on these reports, the hospital came back to us with a revised estimate of USD 11500, a jump of over 100 percent (USD 6000) on the initial quote of USD 5500.


This is where our company came into action. We immediately broke the news to the patient and his wife. The distraught couple was aghast. They were not carrying so much money with them; and they were also shocked to know that the reports from their country were wrong. We immediately counseled them. Since it was a weekend, we advised them to get discharged and stay in a guesthouse. We floated the current reports to a few hospitals and negotiated the cost down to USD 6000 – at another very reputed hospital. Plus the patient had to pay USD 900 for the evaluation.

The patient was operated and went back extremely happy. We saved the patient over USD 4,500 – without compromising on the clinical quality. We are very proud that the patient has a resolved medical issue without getting stressed out, tortured due to extreme cost revision. We as treatment intermediary always put the patient first. We don’t rest till our patient gets the right treatment at the most appropriate and economical cost. We always say: the most expensive treatment does not mean the best treatment. And an economical treatment does not mean “below par” treatment.

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