medical tourism in india

  • Identify the hospital and line of treatment (under expert guidance)
  • Receive the travelers at the airport
  • Ensure the right guesthouse for the travelers
  • Handhold the patients through the treatment process at the hospital (in person and/or by phone – as and when required)
  • Monitor and track all the admission formalities
  • Provide regular medical updates to the sponsor of the treatment (such as, the insurance agency, charity organization, employer, etc)
  • Keep track of the additional requirements (if discovered during the treatment) and organize interventions accordingly – to strive to ensure that the treatment process does not get disrupted.
  • Handhold the travelers if they wish to get visa for any other country on their way back home (at extra cost)
  • Handhold the travelers during their shopping/sight-seeing tours – we may or may accompany the travelers, but we coordinate for a smooth and pleasurable experience (at extra cost)
  • In case the patient/attendant are English-constrained, then provide interpreter services (at extra cost)

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