We intervened to save money for the patient – we ensured that the patient was not burdened with an expensive implant

We received a query from a 31-year-old male from Oman – a spine patient, suffering from degenerative lumbar canal stenosis and significant instability – L4-5 & L5S1.


Patient’s medical reports and images were floated to our panel of hospitals, seeking the line of treatment, length of stay, estimated stay in the hospital and estimate of cost for the treatment. The hospital responses were processed and a specific hospital selected. Visa invitation was procured and sent.

Expensive implant not required

Patient was taken to the hospital (post-arrival) and evaluated. The doctor decided to revise the cost of the pre-arrival estimate. As a logical corollary, we discussed the matter with the hospital – and found that the pre-arrival investigation reports were correct. This made us object to the revision of cost estimate. The patient’s insurance cover had nearly exhausted and he would have had to pay the revised amount from his pocket.

When we dug deeper we found that the doctor was recommending an expensive implant – which was not really needed. The originally envisaged implant would have worked equally well and the use of expensive implant would not do anything additional.

We then consulted other hospitals on our panel – and all of them said there was no need to opt for the expensive implant.

We immediately counselled the patient and advised him of the above. It was decided to go ahead with the less expensive implant. Surgery was done – it was uneventful. Outcome was as per expectation.

Patient First – Our Credo

Had we not intervened, there would be none to educate the patient – as a result, the patient would have been forced to pay whatever the doctor would have advised.

We are very proud that the patient has a resolved medical issue without getting stressed out – by way of making additional enhanced payment from his pocket. His medical condition has been addressed within the budgets set by his insurance.

We as treatment intermediary always put the patient first. We don’t rest till our patient gets the right treatment at the most appropriate and economical cost. We always say: the most expensive treatment does not mean the best treatment. And an economical treatment does not mean “below par” treatment.


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