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    Medical tourism is the procedure of flying to abroad to get high level medical, dental and cosmetic care by well educated and experienced surgeons in the countries where the cost of the medical treatment would be extremely low in comparison to the US. And Medical tourism in India is very cost effective and one of most preferred destinations.

    medical tourism in India


    Huge Savings: You can compare the cost of hip resurfacing in India to the US. In India, they charge just $7000 and in the US they charge $48000 for the same treatment. So, you can see that you can save up to 50% to 90% money.

    High-Quality Treatment: Many international providers are accredited by JCI, JCAHO and ISO or by local accrediting organizations. They have world-class facilities with accessibility to the latest technology and provide personalized services. You can read the testimonials by patients who have experienced treatment overseas.

    Expert Surgeons: Most of the surgeons are educated from the top medical schools of US, UK and Europe and they give treatment to the patients living abroad.

    No Wait-Lists: You don’t have to wait as they have easy access to immediate service which attracts those who are from countries that have public health care system towards medical tourism and have medical consultants in India.

    Longer Hospital Stay: You can stay for a long time in hospitals there which is not possible in your local hospital where you have to take discharge from hospital and continue the treatment under supervision of your surgeon or physical therapist.

    Travel Opportunities: You can also get the opportunity to visit exotic destinations outside your country with the affordable surgery.

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