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    Medical tourism has become most popular nowadays and very  helpful also. It is basically refers to travelling to another country and obtaining medical services where the cost of medical treatment is high or where there is no better option for health treatment. These health tourisms cover many complex specialized surgeries such as cardiac surgery, dental surgery, joint replacement (hip/knee), cosmetic surgeries. Now around 50 countries have identified medical tourism as a national industry.

    Argentina, Brunei, Cuba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, The Phillipines, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Tunisia, New Zealand are the popular destinations for medical travel.

    Health Tourism

    As the process is very easy and simple, the person who wants to take medical treatment outside the country can contact a medical tourism provider. Then Medical consultant in India will take the full medical report of the patient like nature of illness, local doctor’s opinion, medical history and diagnosis. Then total expenditure, respective hospital, tourist destination and duration of stay is dicussed. Then patient signs a consent bond and patient has given a recommendation letter for a medical visa for the procurement from concerned embassy. Then the patient travels to the country where the medical treatment will be provided to him.

    Likewise, Medical tourisms in India provides services in around ten times lower price than America and Britain. Bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass, eye surgery and hip replacement  are some most popular treatments which are done in India but India is basically known for its heart surgeries, hip resurfacing and other medical treatments. In India, Apollo and Fortis like hospitals are known for its health tourism services.

    We also provide health care tourism to make their lives easy since hospitals just focuses on clinical delivery  and we have been doing for developing sources for treatment in India across Africa as we have achieved this position through our good responses and providing patient with better medical treatment.

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